D.J. Mackintosh




My name is D.J. Mackintosh. I’m a multidisciplinary designer living in Portland, OR. I love creating unique and evocative designs, and I believe good design elevates everything it informs. I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts/Graphic Design from the University of Utah in 2011 and have over six years of agency and in-house experience.

Clients I have worked for, include:
ICANN, We First.
Concord Music Group: Paul Simon, Andrew Bird, Filter, Nine Inch Nails, Andrew McMahon, The Connells, Richard Elliot, Ashleigh Smith, Crobot, Liz Longley and other artists.
Friendemic Social Media: BMW, MINI, Harvard Business School, Volkswagen, FIAT Chrysler Group, Kia Motors, Nitro Circus, Downtown Alliance, Visit Utah, and The Leonardo Science Museum.




Branding / Logo / Print / Typography

Web Design / UI / Social Media

Photo manipulation / Retouching

Photoshop CC / Illustrator CC / Indesign CC